Kasar Gavlis

Near Baramati lived a band of Kasar Gavlis, who sold their curds and milk in brass pots. One day they were visited by viShUchikA. They all died as a result. The vacuum was filled by a roving band of Maharatta tribals called the Bhosles. The Bhosles also took to breeding the gavlis’ cattle and trading milk and curd. They then were called the Gavlis. The original gavlis worshiped a horned buffalo deity called mhasobA. The incoming Bhosles too started worshiping mhasobA there after. Dotting the whole Pune district and its surrounding are buffalo breeding settlements and associated mhasobA shrines. Also seen are shrines of vAghobA, khandobA, dhulobA, jyotibA, mhaskobA, birobA and various AyIs or female deities.

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