R’s words

Some years ago R and me were lying on the grass following our quarry, a goodly specimen of Menemerus, that kept saltating in search of its quarry. Then our eyes caught sight of a Salticus specimen that was capturing a small earwig and we kept following it to observe the process. R then moved on to a Marpissa mucosa, while I drifted away towards a gorgeous Icius. At the that point for some reason we paused. R pulled my collar and pointed to a Calotes soulfully seated on a bough. I was a bit surprised and asked: So what. She then said: Did you think over my words last night.

I said: Yes, but could only feel the fragile bliss shattered. We are definitely in some delusion. Sometimes I cannot believe that I could be that good.

She said: Grab it when it comes. The bliss already passed when we set at the outdoor table in the restaurant looking at the terrapin.

I said: Give me an year.

She said: Look at the lizard there. A day will come when you will feel like it. It may be worse, you could feel like that Argiope in the dark corner.

I now realize that those words were prophetic.

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