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We wandered on the path by day and decided that we should wander in the pitch darkness of night. We set out slowly wending our way through the paths. We agreed that either of us would not have done on … Continue reading

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Kavita’s stone

It was a sombre afternoon in the year after dashAnta when Blackie and I were wedged in a convenient cleft in the wall that separated the two grounds, watching a 3rd rate cricket match played by two second division teams. … Continue reading

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lakShmI tantraM

One of the most lucid expositions of the foundational philosophy of pA~ncharatra is seen in the lecture given by lakShmI to indra in the lakShmI-tantraM (chapter 4): 1) Originally lakShmI and viShNu are conjoined in an undifferentiated form termed the … Continue reading

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The Ghost

I received a call from him. He sounded much the same rustic fellow as I hand last enountered him over 8 years ago. His accent was the same rasping one, which sounded like a metal plate rubbing on another. I … Continue reading

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The dIpAvali vacation

Never before had I descended to such a low, especially given all the show I had made. It was like Tendulkar scoring two zeroes in a row. All around us were atirathis and mahArathis (mark that word for it is … Continue reading

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