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Sombero sighted

We we celebrated the true arrival of spring by a remarkable wandering on the moutain paths. We felt as though the Atman had ceased to be bound and made its universal identification. As the azure heights of the celestial dome … Continue reading

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Khusroo waxing eloquent

The excerpt from Amir Khusroo’s florid prose of the savage attack on the Hindus by Maliq Kafr, the general of Alla-ad-din Khalji (Tarikh-i-Allai). Facts that are denied by many Indians themselves The tongue of the sword of the Khalifat of … Continue reading

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Hindu Armies: the forgotten struggle against the Moslems

The Indian text books written by secular historians, have often highlighted the fact that the Hindu armies crumbled like fresh cookies against the armies of the Moslems, and the Moslems more or less easily occupied India. What they fail to … Continue reading

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The Great Circle

Berossus, the priest of Marduk of the great god of the Babylonians declared in the 3rd century BC that 432000 solar years was the time that had elapsed from the origin of divine kingship to the end of the world. … Continue reading

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Max Mueller: good, bad or a Malhotran U-turner?

It is common these days to find many Indians stating that Max Mueller was an India-hater and a hand-maid of Macaulay. Max Mueller was the son of a well-known German poet and influenced greatly by the German scholastic community of … Continue reading

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Indo-European divine tripartation

The following myths preserve a remarkable pattern of tripartation. In part they conform to Dumezil’s archetype of tripartation in the Indo-European world. 1)pa~nchavimsha brAhmaNa 18.9.1 Of varuNa, after he was consecrated, his fiery luster (bharga) departed. It fell asunder in … Continue reading

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War in the Konkan

Very little has been recorded of the valiant freedom struggle in the Konkan in the horror years of Indian history. The Konkans on the west coast of India had long been the bastion of the Indic civilization that withstood external … Continue reading

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