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Americans in Fallujah

The American war machine under their not so intelligent Emperor easily achieved the conquest of Mesopotamia. The great Yankie Emperor now sat on the throne of Baghadad (albeit in a brief secret visit) emulating his predecessors like Hulegu the grandson … Continue reading

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The great bhAskararAya makhIndra

The redoubtable bhAskararAya was one of the greatest shrauta sacrificers and exponents of the tantra of recent times. He would rank no less than great savants of the mantra shAstra throughout bhArata, through the ages, like amoghavajra and indrabodhi of … Continue reading

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umAsvati and Hindu zoology

umAsvati, the great jaina Acharya produced a remarkable work termed the tattvArthAdhigama around 40 AD which contains one the great early productions of Hindu zoology. umAsvati believed that all animals could be classified into the following groups: Group I invertebrates: … Continue reading

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