rudra- his agents

vIrabhadra: He emerged from a fragment of the matted locks of rudra for the killing of prajApati dakSha. He wrought havoc in the midsts of the deva armies and destroyed the demons created by bhR^igu before going on to behead dakSha. He then revived dakSha with a goat’s head.

kAla bhairava: Created by rudra for the beheading of the 5th head of brahma which was mocking rudra. For this he acquired the pApa of brahmahatyA and had to perform the kApAlika vrata. He moved on to slay vishvaksena, the chief gaNa of viShNu and was finally purified of brahma hatyA after drinking the blood of viShNu.

nandikeshvara: The bull-headed or ape-headed chief gaNa of rudra. A great warrior and leader of the armies of rudra in many battles. In the battle against the dakSha he was felled by a blow from the vajra of indra. In the battle against andhakAsura he captured the bhArgava shukra and handed him over to rudra.

kShetrapAla: A fierce agent of rudra who emits a fiery meteor from his mouth to counter missiles hurled by the asuras when they do battle against rudra.

kIrtimukha: A fierce gaNa created by rudra for the chastisement of rAhu. In his insatiable hunger he ate his own body parts and was reduced to a roving head that devoured asuras.

vIraka: A terrible gaNa created by shiva to guard pArvati when he was performing the mahApAshupata vrata to regain his energies after the dalliance with umA. He fought the army of andhaka and wrought havoc in its midst.

kumAra: The elder son of rudra, the six-headed god. He was first born for the slaying of demons like mahiSha and tAraka. He led the deva armies in these battles and subsequently was one of the major commanders of rudra’s armies. Has numerous gaNas of his own.

gaNapati: The younger son of rudra, the elephant headed god. He was created by pArvati as her personal gaNa, but was beheaded in a battle with rudra and the gods and restored with an elephant head. He became one of the major commanders of the gaNas and slew asuras like analasura and sindhUra.

bhadrakAli: The wife of vIrabhadra. She led the shakti senA in the dakshA battle and destroyed the dakSha army.

mahAmAri: The principal female commander of rudra’s armies. She lead the pramatha army of shiva along with kumAra in the battle against the demon sha~NkachUDa and the two of them slaughtered the commanders of shankachuDa’s army.

kAlI: The wife of rudra. She lead the forces of the shaktis in the battle against shumbha and nishumbha. In the battle against sha~NkachUDa, kumAra was struck down by the brahmashakti hurled by sha~NkachUDa. She rescued kumAra from the battle lines and brought him back to shiva. Thereafter, when vIrabhadra fell unconscious struck by he missile of sha~NkachUDa she took over the command of the gaNa armies and marched against the asuras. She decimated the asura army and in a fierce battle with sha~NkachUDa struck him down with the mAheshvara missile.

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