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Hammira Deva’s last stand

Continue reading from Jalal-ud-din After Alla murdered Jalal and took the throne of Delhi he decided to exterminate the Chauhans once and for all. During the attack on the Rajput stronghold of Jalor, a Mongol general Kehbru and his brothers … Continue reading

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One branch of the Chahamanas, after the death and defeat of king Prithiviraja Chahamana and the fall of their capital Dilika (Old Delhi), continued the struggle against Islam from Ranthambhor. -In 1209 the Rajputs stoutly defended this great fortress against … Continue reading

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The early Post-Mahmud struggle

One area where most Indian historians and writers of history text books have remained woefully silent is the issue of what steps the Indians took, if any, in the post-Mahmud period to counter the challenge of the Islamic Jihad on … Continue reading

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