How shall the great one be referred to?

He is father of the gods Magni and Modi and of goddess Thrud. He is the wielder of the Miollnir and Sif’s man and Iord’s son.

Eilif said:

Roskva’s brother[0] stood enraged, Magni’s father struck a victorious blow. Neither Thor nor Thialfi’s powerstone[1] shakes with terror.

Eistein Valdason said:

Thrud’s father looked with piercing eyes on the steep-way’s ring [2], until the red-fish’s dwelling [3] surged over the boat.

Bragi chanted:

Well you have, split apart the Thrivaldi’s 9 heads, held back your steeds with with the notorious giant-feast drinking Thrym [4]

Vetrlidi chanted:

You broke Leikn’s bones,

you pounded Thrivaldi,

you cast down Starkad,

You stood over the dead Gialp.

… to that great one we pour an offering of mead

Thorbjorn Disarskald chanted:

Your hammer clang on Keila’s crown,

you demolished Kiallandi completely,

before that you slaughtered Lut and Leidi,

you made Buseyra bleed,

you halted Hengiankiapta,

Hyrrokkin died previously at your hands,

yet was the dark Svivor’s life taken earlier [5].

… to that great one we pour an offering of mead


0-The demon Thialfi


2-The midgard snake.


4-the thunder bolt

5- Names of demons and demonesses who fell to Thor.

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