Some works of nArAyaNa bhaTTathiri

MelpattUr nArAyaNa bhaTTathiri, was a great nambuthiri sanskrit writer who apparently lived for a 106 years (born 1560) after escaping death due to syphilis earlier in his life. He wrote a remarkable vaishNava tract, the nArAyaNIyaM, which is a glorious work of sanskrit poetry despite its extremist stance. prakriyA sarvasva was his famous treatise on saMskR^it grammar that took the place of the siddhAnta kaumudI of bhaTToji dIkShita in the midst of the nambuthiris. He also revolted against the pANinian grammatic tradition by composing the ApANinIya prAmANya sAdhAna where he built upon his teacher achyuta pishAraDi’s work of non-pANinian approach to grammar.

He wrote one half of the mImAMsa text mAnameyodaya. Also well known is his niranunAsika prabandha a work without nasals describing shUrpaNakhA lament to rAvaNa after lakShmaNa had cut off her nose. He also composed many works in the champu style.

In the nArAyaNiyaM he shows his link to the great nambuthiri astronomers, by giving the date of his composition in the katapayadi system as AyurArogayasaukhyaM.

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