indivara and vAravantikA

“Those who want to know the real story will know it.”

Beyond the world of the Falcon, stationed in eternal time, were the great atharvans. udvanta AtharvaNa amongst them held a soma cup. He descended to the sattra of the 3 seers. He asked preNin the son of somAhita, madhucchandas the vaishvAmitra and asita the kAshyapa to make their wishes. preNin wished that he should have the best goat and that which ever woman he calls unto him should desire him.


preNin saumAhita got his wish but could not look at the soma cup.


preNin’s spell that issued from him fell in the village girt by the high mountains. Amongst the mountains was a resting place where vaNijas and grAmaNyas rested and drank surA, rAghakhAnDava, maireya and other durmadas. indIvara one day, after a long journey, in course of which he was nearly eaten by a tiger, arrived at the rest house. He scrupulously avoided the mada, the matsya and the mAMsa that was being plied and fed himself strictly on food that was fit for a brAhmaNa. When preNin had died the deadly spell, charged with the might of the AtharvaNa’s boon, had issued from him and entered a stone placed on his smashAna. indIvara taking his food, sat on a tripod to consume it, some distance from the smashAna. varAvantikA, the great grand-daughter of upamA was passing by. She looked just like her great-grandmother in her prime. She happened to step on the smashAna, which was concealed under moss. A gandharva emerged from it an entered her, even as the gandharva that entered the daughter pata~njala kApya in the land of the mAdras. She called out to indIvara as she proceded to obtain a leather bladder filled with the maireya brew. vAravantikA stated that she had not forgotten indIvara for the rites he had performed for her and thanked him for that. indIvara asked her if need any further rites to be done. She claimed that she was capable of everything with her own rituals. But at some point she said that she was not sure if they helped her to cross the great mystery depicted by the code: Da kshaa Da ha ha Ta 654123 indIvara excitedly said he had the means to cross that. Just then kaumbhya and shammad arrived and asked vAravantikA to share her bladder of durmada with them. indIvara had earlier cast a deadly spell on the false-mouthed shammad, which had burned down his house and cattle-shed. So indIvara withdrew wanting to avoid any further run in shammad. vAravanitkA too knowing of shammad’s odd ways avoided him and moved away with kaumbhya and they were soon joined by gara and gAndama with whom they savored the durmada from the bladder, until late at night. indIvara proceeded with his wanderings and after visiting the groves of The God returned to rest-house the village. After finishing his lunch there he was about to retire for some rest before going to examine the booty that gara and gAndama had brought in their car. Just then, he caught sight of the beautiful vAravantikA pass by. For some he asked her if she would like to know the secret of Da kshaa Da ha ha Ta 654123.

vAravantikA: “There are two shiro-veSTas; one is placed after Ta, after 1, after that comes a ka; the second is placed before the last Da Da kShaa kShaa Ta.”

indIvara: “I know how one can trace the thorny path to the shiro-veSTas and the and the anya vastras to see the great rahasya of vAravantikA’s astyaANu-bhuk.

vAravantikA: “indIvara, I verily know that you are the one who saw the rahasya of these astyaANu-bhuks when I was pounding grain for gara and gAndama. It was because of this rahasya that I got back the wealth of upamA and regained my regal status.”

indIvara: “I can take you to the deepest rahasyas of this world of the astyaANu-bhuks.”

vAravantikA: “Meet me tonight at the room near the madhu shAlA. Let us talk about this”

indIvara: “Sure”

indIvara then went to look at the booty of gara and gAndama. indIvara found their collection ordinary, because he had seen and possessed all that before. But two kept claiming that they were the only ones who possessed them and that the king of the gandharas was always in praise of them for their wonderful possessions. indIvara rued the fact that the chief of sthUlArma hardly bothered about the same things that he used to show him from time to time. After chatting with gara and gAndama, indIvara proceeded to have dinner and then walked silent to the room near the madhu shAlA to meet with vAravantikA. After a while vAravantikA arrived and kaumbhya, gara, gAndama, gojihva, ukShamukha, babluja~Ngha, kapotagrIva, ajadADhika and bIDAlasmashru followed her thickly trying to get a glimpse or a word of attention from her. She fooled them by saying that she would shortly join them with a bladder of kautsasya surA and slipped into the nearby room.

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