The festival of kAma

From a somewhat corrupt, but legible copy of the padma purANa, I have been able to piece together the most complete version of the damanaka utasava vidhi for kAma and rati. I provide it here as a part of my ongoing project of creating critical vidhis for ancient Hindu festivals ( for after all the learned have said the shAstra is more authoritative than prayoga).

Source: padma purANa, uttara kANDa, 84.
Day: chitra; shukla pakSha; dvAdashi.
Rite:In a sylvan grove, idols of rati and kAma are installed with the mantra:

kAmadeva namaste.astu vishvamohana kAraka
viShNorarathe vicheshyAmi kR^ipAM kuru mamopari

Then the idols are brought home to with accompanying music and singing.The idols are installed in the indra disha or the eastern quarter after sunset. The whole worship is conducted after sunset.An auspicious circle is drawn around the idols and the idols are clothed in white cloth.They are decorated with the shoots of the damanaka plant.The deities are worshipped with the formulae:

oM klIM kAmadevAya namaH
oM hrIM ratyai namaH
The the deities are devotely worshiped with sandal paste, flowers, incense and lamp-waving with the following formulae:
oM madanAya namaH (east)
manmathAya namaH (Southeast)
kandarpAya namaH (south)
ana~ngAya namaH (south-west)
bhasma sharIrAya namaH (west)
smarAya namaH (North-East)

IshvarAya namaH (north)

puShpa-bANAya namaH (northeast)

Then they offer turmeric stained rice, festive eatables (bhakShaNas), and tAmbUlas (paan)Then they meditate of kAma by performing the kAma gAyatri japa 108 times:
tat puruShAya vidhmahe kAmadevAya dhimahi . tanno.ana~nagaH prachodayAt ..

A pitcher of water is placed before the idols Then the following formulae are recited:
namo.astu puShpabANaya jagadAhlAdakAriNe manmathAya jagannetra rati prItikarAya cha
devadeva namaste.astu shri vishvesha namo.astute
ratipate namaste.astu namaste.astu vishvamaNDana

namaste.astu jagannatha sarvabIja namo.astute

feet of the idols are washed with water from the pitcher.Then there is a great celebration with song, music, dance and a Holi-styled splashing-sports.

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