The deadly foe-destroying yoga of brahmaNya deva

“We pacify the six-headed being, of fiery birth, who is lost in the embrace of the beautiful daughter of the god of the gods indra. May his lethal darts not harm us and instead strike our foes.”

At the heart of the kaumara tantric rite lies the great secret yoga which destroys ones foes. The skandArchana kalpadruma and other obscure kaumAra texts refer to this secret yoga, the configuration of the incantation for which is normally revealed only by oral tradition.

The basic incantation is known as the brahmaNyadeva trishati comprised of the 300 names of the great god kumAra combined with the ShaDakShari mantra of kumAra. Many performers of the kaumAra tAntric worship use this incantation in their basic regular archana. This practice is commonly seen in several temples in India and has recently even been transplanted to the foreign shores. Only those who have received the esoteric ShaDakShari mantras of kumAra may deploy this incantation even in its basic archana form.

However its deployment in the specialized form requires a more ardous procedure.

-women are forbidden from performing the procedure as they may not be able to sustain some of its effects.-Firstly an idol of kumAra, ideally of the 6-headed form is procured; alternatively a kumAra yantra may be used.-the votary then abstains from eating all forbidden foods (including onions, garlics and leeks), meats and liquors.

-for 3 days he observes total celibacy, not spilling his semen, and avoiding mentally entertaining sexual thoughts.

-then he prepares sweet-smelling flavored milk.

-then he prepares for the rite early in the morning or in the evening.

-He first offers the twilight offerings to the gods mitra or varuNa.

-He then mutters 1000 incantations to the god savitA holding the knot of his yaGNyopavIta.

-He then allows the thoughts coursing in his mind like a raging ocean to still themselves and concentrates on his chitriNi nADi. At the level of the genitalia on the track of the chitriNi nADi within the spinal cord he senses the svAdiShThAna chakra. He then percieves the deva varuNa in the chakra in form of a blazing white god with pAsha and didyu weapons in the cerebro-spinal aqueduct. He meditates on varuNa with the vaM bIja. As his concentration deepens, within the god varuNa, the deva viShNu emerges in dark blue form with four hands holding the usual weapons. He meditates on viShNu in the bindu of the vaM bIja. Beside him is viShNu is his aquiline gaNa, garuDa, whom the votary also worships. As his concentration increases he sees in a flash filling the svAdiShThAna chakra the goddess rakiNI. She is of the color of a blue water-lily, exceedingly beautiful and delightful in sight but having sharp canines, is wrapped in a white raiment with a large red vermillion mark on her fore head, having doe-like eyes which are gracefully painted with collyrium and holding a deadly sword and shield in her hands. Once he perceives her, he utters the 6-fold bIja mantra. He senses the six fold structure of the chakra and six flames burst forth in a hexagonal form. At this point he sees the great god kumAra brahmaNyadeva filling the chakra. He is of red color with six heads and 12 arms, one of which is like a goat, and embraces the goddess ShaShThi who is seated on his lap. He needs to now merge his consciousness into the mUla mantra of kumAra (as percieved by learned tAntrics like lakShmaNa deshikendra) and utter it 600,000 times for best effect.

-Then he begins making 300 fire oblations to the god kumAra with the trishati. It becomes the shatru samhAra trishati that destroys all foes.

-At the end he offers 3 libations of the flavored milk before the idol of kumAra with appropriate gAyatri incantation from the maitrAyaNi text.

-The next day he makes a special very sweet dish with 5 sweet materials and covers the idol with it uttering the quenching incantation of the bodhAyana text to kumAra and his wife ShaShThi.

-The votary may then distribute this sweet paste as an offering.

The votary may experience a throbbing and intense internal sense of burning or rise in body temperature if he is a novice at the rite. The complete yogic control of the meditation of the svAdiShThana is however a must for proper performance of the rite.

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