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Shambhaji’s inaugural campaign

After Shambhaji had crowned himself Chatrapati, in Oct 1680 on theVijaya Dashmi day decided to inaugurate his campaigns with strike against the Mogols. He set off with 3 divisions of the Maharatta cavalry: One division moved to attack the Mogol … Continue reading

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Watch out! Democracy(Marxism) is for all!

The West (in particular US of America) has endlessly spun tales of the glory of democracy. One day they are calling for democracy amongst Soviets, the next they want democracy in Latin America and on yet another day they want … Continue reading

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Box India

If we look at this carefully I see a pattern (may be I am a conspiracy theorist, but I believe I am right): India: 1) BJP comes to power 2) Bombs are bursted and India finally shows its muscle. 3) … Continue reading

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