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Further proceedings on the battle front

We invested today in some heavy duty diplomatic negotiations in the hope that we may strengthen our hand for the impending battle. The negotiations went off well but we cannot be lulled into security because the enemy too is possibly … Continue reading

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Americans in Iraq: how is the going?

With Bush firmly in power, we need to see how things are going for the Americans in Iraq. I recently heard from some Americans and also Hindus that the events in Fallujah vindicate the famous “fly-paper” theory that has been … Continue reading

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Further skirmishes

We tested out a few maneuvers directly in enemy territory and we found things held pretty well. We also spied a long but interesting attack route that would carry us straight to the ground of the initial encounter. We realized … Continue reading

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The first skirmishes

It was a cold and blustery day. We sent out a expeditionary force to check out the fortress we had secured for the purpose of the showdown. The conditions were similar to those predicted on the lower end on the … Continue reading

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The lull before the storm

We were waiting quietly on the undergrowth beside the banks of the River mahAsankaTa. There was a tense silence in the air. We had performed our karma to the best we could, but were indeed limited by our terrible short … Continue reading

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The post-Talikota struggle

After the fall of Vijayanagar some historians believe that Tirumala, the brother of Ramaraya made an attempt to revive the city but failed. It is believed that there was a conflict between him and his nephew Pedda Tirumala over the … Continue reading

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The Census of Marine Life project

A new-to-science goby fish from Guam The Census of Marine Life project has uncovered an interesting goby fish in Guam that forms a symbiosis with a snapping shrimp. The shrimp excavates a burrow, and the fish guards the borrow and … Continue reading

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