A dialog in sandhyAbhASha

R called me to describe her views on the lalitArchanachandrika. This lead to a discussion of the sandhyAbhASha used in the text. So we had this conversation in mlechChita-manipravala SB.

I: “I feel close to jaya but there is a strange bhaya due to precedence”

R: “Are you really sure that you are close to jaya ?”

I: “That it is good point, I was close to grabbing the Hvarena- same time different cycle. Like Frangrasyan (though not is his physical state :-)) I tried to grab it but failed. The failure almost happened as thought from the blue.”

R: “Indeed that seems like a shakuna. But the inner nAlika seems to be functional.”

I: “Ananda- will the root of that work”

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