The Dravidians emerge from the woodwork

The recent incidents in India have resulted in the Dravidians emerging like worms from the woodwork. In practically every Indian list one can now see them floating their anti-Brahmin rhetoric. A few hopeful brAhmaNas had told me just a few months ago that the Dravidianists were on the wane. I always doubted this. The Tamils are too useful a tool for foreign subversionists to use against the metaphorical head of the puruSha. I had also earlier pointed out that the brAhmaNas had cashed their cheques and are currently a rather spent force.

One can only dream that the brAhmaNas unite and mobilize a mass movement similar to one that destroyed that despicable structure in Ayodhya that stood for 5 centuries of slavery. Lessons need to be taken from the great chANakya and viShNusharman in destroying the foes.

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