The obscene formulae in the ashvamedha

The male participants (the priests and the bard) say:
ambe ambAlyambike na mA yabhati kashchana | sa sastyashvakaH | haye cha haye asau ||

Ladies (ambA, ambAli and ambikA) no one seems to have sex with me. The bad horse is sleeping. That is the horse and you are the mare princess.

The princess says the following anuShTubh (one of the dialogs ):
iyaM yakA shakuntikA .ahalamiti sarpati | AhataM gabhe pasu ni jalgulIti dhANikA ||

Who is this female chick who moves in un-ploughed [Footnote 1]? The phallus penetrates the vulva and her pudendum muliebre jostles about !


Footnote 1: un-ploughed is a euphemism for a virgin, i.e. one who has not yet been copulated with. For example the name ahalyA mean one who was not ploughed until indra gives her the experience of sexual pleasure. Hence she is listed among the kanyA-s rather than among the sati-s (i.e. those who have only one male).

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