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Armies of Islam

There are some striking aspects of the different armies of Islam field in course of the 14 centuries of Jihad against the Kaffrs and Dhimmis. The first army of Islam, that of the Arabs, met with rapid somewhat surprising success. … Continue reading

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The ghost again

It was disastrous day. Unfazed by the disasters we were returning. We paused on our path for we distinctly saw some strange dark object like a coat lying on our a path a few feet away. I reached the object … Continue reading

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The scooter circuit

We performed our peculiar scooter circuit that year. Earlier it was the cycle circuit. We were like the pAshupata, distanced from the plebian world. We we passed in the midst of the plebians, we heard their chatter, we saw them … Continue reading

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The battle of Talas

Reviewing the battle of Talas one of the most defining moments in Asiatic history is worthwhile because the same explosive mix continues to dominate Central Asia. We have to learn many military lessons from the battle of Talas for a … Continue reading

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So impressed was Jung by the mental patients that he believed the origins of myth lay in mental disease. With this conclusion Jung set rolling many a modern western critique of myth. The first sterile offshoot was that of Freud, … Continue reading

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The drinking of poison

While the bhAgavataM is considered a vaiShNava text, it contains an highly magnified stotra to rudra. The stotra contains yet another example of the classical macrantropic motif that is so pervasive in Hindu thought since the puruSha sUktaM and the … Continue reading

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Zipf’s law

Some recent discussions on scripts and languages reminded me of Zipf’s law. It is a version of the power law that states that the probability of encountering the nth most frequent word in a language is: p(n)=n^(-s) (where s is … Continue reading

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The rosary pea

Many seeds greatly fascinated me when I was young (actually they continue to do so) . One of these was the rosary pea (Abrus precatorius). The other was the castor seed. When we had beheld the all-bewitching Kappa Hayastanika, like … Continue reading

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The long drawn encounter

We repulsed another attack on our position by the brigade from dundubhidurga. Seeing that dundudbhidurga was strategically placed to fire rockets at us, we decided to use the confusion of our foe to take the fort. I set out with … Continue reading

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Deeds of the Bahmanid Sultans-II

Continues from here Ahmad was a superstitious Moslem who supported all kinds of foreign Islamists and fraudulent Sufi preachers in his court. He invited the bigoted Islamist poet, Azari from Khorasan to his court and asked him to composed paens … Continue reading

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The rite of the solsticial day

The old solsticial rite of the Indo-Aryans is performed on the second last-last day of the year (mahAvrata). The description of the oldest version of the rite is seen in the pa~nchavimsha, aitareya and shA~NkhAyana brAhmaNa. The clearest explanations of … Continue reading

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Comet Machholz 2004

Comet Machholz 2004 We finally saw comet Machholz 2004 today with my 20X75 binoculars. It shone as fuzz ball in the southern sky, in the constellation of Eridanus (The southern river; the celestial yamunA of the Hindus which leads to … Continue reading

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New moves in the saMgrAma

We had beaten back the fierce thrust launched by our foes on our fort. We knew that we could fend off their assault as long as we held the fort. However, on realistically assessing the situation we realized that this … Continue reading

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Some deeds of Bahmanid Sultans-I

The Bahmanid sultans were amongst the most monstrous Islamic rulers in world history. While people tend to talk of the massacres of Timur-i-lang in Inner Asia, the violence of the Bahamanids is hardly touched upon. We shall briefly outline some … Continue reading

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The donkey sacrifice

The shrauta sUtra of kAtyAyana and the pAraskara gR^ihya sUtra mention a peculiar rite namely the gardhabhejya or the donkey sacrifice. The context suggests that it is performed by a brahmachAri who has fallen to passion and had sex against … Continue reading

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tripurAntaka brAhmaNa

o3M teShAmsurANAM tisraH pura AsannayasmayyavamA.atha rajathA.atha hariNI tA devA jetuM nAshaknuvan tA upsadaivAjigIShan tasmAdAhuryashcaivaM veda yascha nopasadA vai mahApuraM jayanIti ta iShugaM samaskurvatAgnimanIkagaM somagaM shalyaM viShNum tejanaM te bruvan ka imAmasiShyatIti rudra ityabruvan rudro vai kruraH so.asyatviti so.abravIdvaraM vR^iNA ahameva … Continue reading

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Recombination of meters

A technique of Chandas transformation is the circular permutation, which is used in the ShoDashin soma pouring. Here offerings of soma are made to indra with 5 specialized anuShTubh mantras called indra juShasva. They are derived from R^iks originally in … Continue reading

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Rules for ritual eligibility

There is considerable debate about who is eligible for vedic rites. The shrauta sUtras, which are the authorities on the topic are quite clear about the matter, barring a few debatable points. kAtyAyana expounds these matters most clearly: 1.1.1 athAto.adhikAraH … Continue reading

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Report from spies

Our sachIva had proposed a long and intricate escape plan that had promising aspects to it. It needed a particular maneuver that was difficult but could be achieved with the help of my greatest ally. I had started considering it … Continue reading

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viel Schwerter klirren und blitzen

So will ich liegen und horchen still, Wie eine Schildwach, im Grabe, Bis einst ich höre Kanonengebrüll Und wiehernder Rosse Getrabe. Dann reitet mein Kaiser wohl über mein Grab, Viel Schwerter klirren und blitzen; Dann steig ich gewaffnet hervor aus … Continue reading

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In the year of dvAdashAnta, MP found every neuron in his brain captured by R. I believe every waking and perhaps non-waking hour of the day he was only occupied by R. In the company of other males he spoke … Continue reading

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Towards the battle of kAla-nirNaya

Our spies provided us with speculative intelligence that the hostile forces may be preparing a trap for us. However, we were not able to confirm it based on other reports. The princess of Hayastan, with calves like the quivers of … Continue reading

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Uncertainity remains

Seeing that our foes had not fired the expected salvos, we were growing curious like the legendary cat. There was a heated discussion amongst our staff whether to counter-attack or lie and wait. While we had gained an advantage on … Continue reading

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The snake of viShNu

Upon the great snake shesha sleeps the great god viShNu, even as the the kalpa wears out. He stirs only when the waters rise and threaten to sink the world plane. This shesha is time and hence he is called … Continue reading

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The magic formula of the bhR^igus

pra suvAnaH soma R^itayush chiketendrAya brahMa jamadagnir archan / vR^iShA yantA .asi shavasas turasyAntaryachCha gR^iNate dhartaM dR^igMha // soma, endowed with the R^ita becomes visible when extracted, jamadagni chants the hymn to indra; you are the mighty restrainer of impetuous … Continue reading

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The bleak winter evening

I was standing alone in the railway station in the bleak winter air. There was not a single sound and the air hung eerily as though weighed down by the cold. Suddenly the air quivered with the fluttering of a … Continue reading

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I believe that the Dravidian movement must be seen in a certain contextual framework. Firstly, we must note that the Indians faced something unprecedented with the dawn of the British Raj. In areas where the British were prominent before the … Continue reading

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Enemy strategy on front #1

The enemy forces did not strike on front #1 as we had expected. Our spies inform us that they have decided to instead pause futher hostilities on front #1 and instead resort to the Trojan horse strategy. In our “Gaugamela”, … Continue reading

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Battle of himaprArambha

We saw that front #3 was a grand success in yesterday’s hostilities. We first blunted the attack by raising the water in the moat and causing the enemy troops to retreat. Then we used the naphta trick that we discovered … Continue reading

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Encounter continues

As we have a long day ahead of us tommorow we shall be curt. We did surprisingly well on front #3 and we hope the gods favor us again in a similar encounter tommorow. We also obtained some clue regarding … Continue reading

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The 3 front war

We completed the fortifications on various crags and they stood reasonably. Shortly after we had done so the hostile forces opened a massive assault on front #3. Our fortifications fended the attack, but were severely tested. We then strengthened some … Continue reading

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