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tripurAntaka brAhmaNa

o3M teShAmsurANAM tisraH pura AsannayasmayyavamA.atha rajathA.atha hariNI tA devA jetuM nAshaknuvan tA upsadaivAjigIShan tasmAdAhuryashcaivaM veda yascha nopasadA vai mahApuraM jayanIti ta iShugaM samaskurvatAgnimanIkagaM somagaM shalyaM viShNum tejanaM te bruvan ka imAmasiShyatIti rudra ityabruvan rudro vai kruraH so.asyatviti so.abravIdvaraM vR^iNA ahameva … Continue reading

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Recombination of meters

A technique of Chandas transformation is the circular permutation, which is used in the ShoDashin soma pouring. Here offerings of soma are made to indra with 5 specialized anuShTubh mantras called indra juShasva. They are derived from R^iks originally in … Continue reading

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Rules for ritual eligibility

There is considerable debate about who is eligible for vedic rites. The shrauta sUtras, which are the authorities on the topic are quite clear about the matter, barring a few debatable points. kAtyAyana expounds these matters most clearly: 1.1.1 athAto.adhikAraH … Continue reading

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Report from spies

Our sachIva had proposed a long and intricate escape plan that had promising aspects to it. It needed a particular maneuver that was difficult but could be achieved with the help of my greatest ally. I had started considering it … Continue reading

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