Report from spies

Our sachIva had proposed a long and intricate escape plan that had promising aspects to it. It needed a particular maneuver that was difficult but could be achieved with the help of my greatest ally. I had started considering it seriously as an option in the event we face a defeat on the front #3. However, I suddenly realized that this escape route could very well turn out the route for exit from this earth. I sent my able spy who knew all happenings of those regions to check out. Not un-expectedly, I learnt from his reliable investigations that a scorpion’s journey down a solifugid’s lair awaited us. The well-know sapatnas, whom we had thrashed in the past, rudhira-dhvaja prAchya and tiryagnetra could easily burn us if we took that route. “na mama” I said and scrapped the plan. I issued orders to the sachIva to drop preparations and consider alternatives.

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