tumburu, the manifestation of rudra

From the northern head of the terrible rudra, known as the vAmadeva head, manifests the emanation of vAmadeva known as the four-faced tumburu surrounded by his 4 sisters. From the four faces of tumburu narrate the four great vAma tantras: 1) The frightening shirashCheda (also known as the jayadratha yAmala. 2) the terrific vINAshikA. 3) the mahAsaMmohana and 4) nayottara.

The shirashCheda tantra gives the following description of the tumburu emanation of vAmadeva:

tumburu is the lord rudra himself and is called the called the great fierce reptile, the crest jewel of all the devas adorning their shikha (a cryptic allusion to the sahasrAra). He two aspects asakala and sakala, the latter being described here. He has four energies which reside in the cave of the heart of his universal consciousness. They are shAntikalA, vidyAkalA, nivR^ittikalA and pratiShThakalA. These corresspond to his four companion goddesses jayA, vijayA, ajitA and aparAjitA who generate the phenomenal universe, while he himself is the fifth and highest energy shAntyatItakalA, which transcends all manifestation. He resides in the abode of soma (saumyadhAma), which is full of the savour of countless mantras. His entire body is illuminated by the circle of his light and rays of the jewels of his many vidyAs. He smells sweetly with the scent on many garlands and his body is smeared with a blood-red anguent. He shows the mudra of the shaktipITha and his maNDala is that of the chandradurdaNDa. He has 4 hands in which he holds a lasso, a~nkusha, trident and varada mudra. His four faces are white, red, yellow and black. His body is like the blazing light of mount Meru. His front face is like that of a man whose lotus eyes are blooming and is most beautiful. He wears an earring and its rays cover his face with a network of light. His neck is like a precious gem and his hand is adorned with a ruby and emerald ring. He wears rubies and emeralds and his strong hips are raimented in a rich Kashmiri cloth. From his mouth comes a deep sound like the rumble of a thundercloud. Of his remaining faces one is that of a crocodile and the two side ones are of birds singing sweetly. The atoms emerging from his lotus feet is the bliss realized by the vIras. The a~nkusha is the goad of the universe, the lasso is the abode of all fetters that binds beings as they rise to higher levels or descend. The trident he sports has for its three prongs persistance, origin and destruction. He bestows all that people desires with the varada mudra.

tumburu resides in the circle of the 14 powers and great fetters and is surrounded by a host of female gaNas. His female attendents laugh and yell horribly and their forms are hideous in appearance. He is the great hero who can consume the entire universe with a mere twand of his great bow. At the same time he is the source of all existence and its protector. He is the cosmic breath, the great mahAkAla and kAlagnirudra.

He sits on a lotus with 4 petals. On the eastern petal is seated jayA, vijayA in the south, ajitA in the north and aparAjitA in the western petal. These lovely goddess are his sisters and they melodiously play on their vINAs.

When the Javan naval expedition had ravaged Cambodia and conquered it, the prince jayavarman II was taken captive to Java. There he met a learned brAhmaNa from India named hiraNyadAman who was a great exponent of the tantras of the vAmasrota. He taught the 4 tumburu tantras mentioned above to shivakaivalya, the purohita of jayavarman and performed a rite according to the vINAshikhA tantra to confer certain siddhis on the prince jayavarman II. It is said that through the yoga of the tantra rudra’s emanation tumburu courses through the path of pi~ngalA nerve and bestows powers to perform terrific deeds (raudrakarman) and then tumburu courses through the iDA nerve track and gives the ability to perform “bright deeds” shuchikarman. With these siddhis the prince jayavarman is said to have waged war for 12 years and finally routed the Javan garrison in 802 AC. Having liberated the kingdom of Cambodia and raised it to great glory and founded his impregnable capital of Hariharalaya (the city of shiva and viShNu). It was from this impregnable base that the Angkor empire founded by jayavarman II held sway for almost 600 years with only a single military defeat in this entire period. At the time of jayavarman’s coronation at Hariharalaya, hiraNyadAman recited the 4 tantras and shivakaivalya wrote all of them down. The tantras of the vAmasrota learned by shivakaivalya were also used in the rites involved in the consecration of the great shiva temple with a 1000 li~ngas at Phnom Kulen built by jayavarman II.

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