Those battles were over. Our gaping breaches in the fronts of sharirasya oShadhi, dagdaratha and kosha remained, but the realization dawned on us that we had won the encounter. Our amAtya and sachIva had been unfortunately cursed with naraka which had visited then in the form of the dreadful possession of the old one. indra had however given them a boon that they would pass through naraka in pleasant surroundings. We had invested the fort of khANDavaprastha after much fighting. Our internal affairs were relatively precarious but we now ruled over khANDava. ajadADhika, viTmukha and muNDakacha lay dead or wounded on the field. We roamed around in khANDavagrAma not knowing where to start and what to do. We received a congratulatory message from the Princess of Hayastan, who then asked to try to cultivate masura lentils in khANDava.

Hayastanika then asked me narrate the story of the sale and the purchase of the two cell phones.

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