The primal shrine of vighnadeva

We pay obscience to the terrible medholka, who is surrounded by the eight extraordinarily beautiful goddesses clad in shimmering blue silks: tIvrA, chAlini, nandA, bhogadA, kAmarUpiNi, ugrA, tejovatI, satyA and is embraced by vighnanAshini who is seated beside him.

oM rAyaspoShasya dadhitA nidhido ratnadhAtumAn rakShohaNo valagahano vakratuNDAya huM ||
medholkAya svAhA ||
oM hrIM grIM hrIM ||

Having worshipped the awful one-tusked son of rudra by the Punya river, the Kashi of the gANapatyas, we saw him in the embrace of the delightful madanAvatI. Then we proceeded to the foremost of his shrines in the grove of Mayurapuri which has grown decadent as a result of the downward turn of the age of kali, eating tasty bhakShaNas that delight the fiery one along the way. Having reached the shrine we entered through the gate guarded by lakShmI and nArAyaNa. Then we proceeded to see medholka accompanied by his two wives siddhi and saMR^iddhi, who are also known as madadravA and madanAvatI. Atop his head rests vAsukI, his eyes and navel are studded with gems and his trunk is turned left. Having worshiped ulka and his wives we proceeded to see the gates guarded respectively by umA and rudra, the delightful kAma and ratI, and varAha with mahI seated on his lap. Then we saw the 23 idols of vighna and pacified him eight times as :
ekadanta, mahodara, gajAnana, lambodara, vikaTa, vighnarAja, dhumravarNa and vakratuNDa, along with his two wives. Then we worshiped the great manthAna bhairava who stood at the wall and bhavasharvA. Then we moved to see the rat and the peacock of ulka and the vR^iShabha of mahAdeva.

On the place of Mayurapuri, the sUta had thus narrated a tale in the days of yore:
chakrapANi and ugrA had a son named sindhu. He was favored as result of his devotions by savitA who infused his navel with the soma of immortality. He was given the boon that as long as the soma remained in his navel he could not be harmed by the devas and was immune to their missiles. In due course armed with this boon he rose to be a lord amongst the asuras, restoring their lost glory which had been shorn by the devas. He overcame the devas in a deadly battle and imprisoned them in Gandaki. The devas knew that one deva who had escaped and could relieve them was the terrible heramba, who appeared to them riding a lion, bearing ten arms and promised to relieve them after taking birth through umA’s womb.

Duely, in the sylvan groves of Lenya Parvata, ulka was born to umA and sharva and named gaNesha. vishvakarma provided the young gaNanAtha with an axe, a~nkusha, lasso and a trident when he was six and at seven, gotama performed his upanayanaM. The news of the deva’s birth was relayed to sindhu by his spies who sent his agent krurAsura to slay the umAputra. However, after a short struggle gajAnana snared him with his lasso and dragging him down cut his head off. In subsequent skirmishes gaNapati slew other agents of sindhu such as balAsura, vyomAsura, kshemAsura and kushalAsura repulsed their troops with his arrows. One day as gaNanAtha was sporting in a sylvan grove he saw a large egg of vinAtA. With his usual curiousity he handled it and in the process broke. From it emerged a giant peacock that he brought under his control with his lasso and made it his vAhana.

Alarmed at his activities sindhu despatched his great commander kamalAsura with a huge army to quell gaNeshvara and bring his head. gaNeshvara mounted the mighty mayUra and from his two sides sprang forth his two wives, siddhi and saMR^iddhi fully armed with swords, cleavers bows and tridents. vighna himself, with ten arms was armed with a lasso, mace, trident, bow, a~nkusha, axe, cleaver, an explosive shatagni weapon, the bhindipAla, the bhushuNDI, the mudgara and a chakra. Thus, he advanced to attack the asura army. The asuras were assailed by a hail of weapons hurled by the terrible god and his shaktis. Having consumed the army he advanced at kamalAsura. After a prolonged fight he destroyed the bow of the demon and struck him all over with his missiles. The blood flowing out the demon spawned many new demons. But madadravA and madanAvatI, beloveds of the great deity, swooped on these demon and swallowed them. Then the wives of vighna drunk all the blood of kamalAsura and stopped the emergence of new demons. Seeing this ganesh hurled his trident at the neck of kamalAsura and the trident having severed his head carried it to the kShetra of Mayurapuri, where it fell.

Then gaNapati assembled the army of the gaNas of rudra. He himself formed the center and created a three assault divisions lead by vIrabhadra, nandin and his brother kumAra. umA and rudra also accompanied him as he proceeded to besiege Gandaki to release the devas. nandin was sent as an emissary to sindhu ask him to surrender humbly or face an attack. sindhu choose to fight and arrayed his army under divisions headed by kAla and vikAla, his wife’s brothers and dharma and adharma, his valiant sons. On the first day vIrabhadra tore off the head of kAla with his cleaver after a prolonged fight with the asura commander. nandikeshvara and vikAla fought with much fury and was struck down by his mace. But recovering rapidly he slew him by shattering his skull with his trident. The next day dharma and adharma put up a fierce fight and forced the pramathas and the bhUtas into a rapid retreat. nandin and vIrabhadra were beaten back and the gaNa army was in disarray, when kumAra rallied it to face the asuras again. kumAra consumed then armies with his fiery dart and finally reached dharma. The two fought each other with charmed shaktis for long and finally the six-headed deity slew him by striking him on his chest with his shakti. Next with a blow from his thunderbolt skanda killed adharma and destroyed sindhu’s army. The older demons suggested sindhu to surrender, but he refused and himself charged the next day on gaNapati on his flying car. gaNapati mounted on the mayUra countered his astras for a while. Finally finding his weakeness, he cut off of his bow and shattered his chariot. However, his arrows and those of kumAra failed against the invincible frame of sindhu. sindhu rushed at gaNapati with his cleaver upraised. But gaNapati suddenly dismounted his peacock and contracting in size, got under sindhu and shot an arrow at his navel. This broke the receptacle of the soma of immortality which preserved him and it flowed out. With that gone ulka chopped of the head of sindhu and ended his reign.

He then handed the peacock to his brother kumAra as his vAhana.

medholkAya svAha ||

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