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The adaptive radiation of avian and para-avian clades

Adaptive diversification of avian and para-avian clades. Left: Epidendrosaurus and Microraptor; Right: A sinornithosaur (wonderful artwork of L.Rey). The recent dinosaurian finds suggests how adaptive radiation in birds and their closest sister clades of maniraptoran dinosaurs proceeded along very distinctive … Continue reading

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Neuquenraptor argentinus and the deinonychosaurs

Neuquenraptor argentinus For a while the deinonychosaurs comprising two great clades: the dromeosaurs and the troodontids were known only from the Late Cretaceous of Northern hemisphere (Central Asia and North America]. They were the closest sister group of the birds, … Continue reading

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agni, the divine hotars and the adhrigupraiShasaMpraiSha

Before the animal sacrifice of the pashubandha the maitravaruNa priest utters the chant (RV 4.15.1-3):agnir hotA no adhvare vAjI san pari nIyate/ devo deveShu yaGNYiyaH //agni, the hotar, being the booty bearing horse, is led around in our sacrifice; a … Continue reading

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