The hanumAn cult

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The nilamata purANa indicates that the cult of hanumAn emerged relatively early along with that of his master sugrIva. Soon, in the core Tantro-Pauranic effloresence he developed a major cult of his own and that sugrIva cult eventually became extinct. The tantric cult of hanumAn developed as a para-Vaishnava cult and eventually metamorphosed into a pan-Indian cult with considerably complexity. This full-blown complexity was in place by the CE 1500, though hanumAn was a late addition to the Hindu pantheon. He was actually subsuming within him the aspect of the vedic vAyu and the maruts (which is linked to his description as a son or manifestation of rudra). We discuss briefly certain key aspects of ritualism pertaining to the hanumAn cult.

The first mahAmantra of A~njaneya is:

hauM hsphreM khphreM hsrauM hskhphreM hsauM hanumate namaH //

hanumAn is worshipped in the middle of the eight-petalled lotus. In the middle of each petal the vAnara is worshipped with the following names:
1) rAmabhakta 2) mahAtejAH 3) kapirAja 4) mahAbala 5) droNadri hAraka 6) merupIThArchana kAraka 7) dakShiNAshAbhAskara 8) sarvavighna nivAraka.

The on the tips of the lotus petals the following vAnaras are worshipped:
1) sugrIva 2) a~Ngada 3) nIla 4) jAmbavAn 5) nala 6) suSheNa 7) dvivida 8) mainda.

-If one makes 1000 oblations of the mantra with bananas, mangoes and pomogranates, then feeds 22 brahmachArIs then one can overcome bhUtas, taskaras and poisons.

-If one recites the mantra 108 time holding a copper/silver pot with water and drinks it one can over come the ill-effects of venomous bites/stings.

-If one recites the mantra 900 times at night for 10 nights then one can ward of fear of enemies.

-If abhichAra has caused fever to a victim then sprinkling water and ashes (consecrated as above) vigorously on the victim provides relief in 3 days.

-wounds from weapons, cuts, bruises and bites if smeared with clean ash consecrated 3 times by the hanumat mantra will favor quick healing.

-From dusk to sunrise a tantric will mutter the mantra with ashes and a nail in his hand for a week. Then he will go an bury the ashes and nail in his enemies area. They will flee the place in terror.

-one shall make a proper idol of the money chief with the south-east root of the bhUtA~nkuSha tree and perform a prANApratiShTha to it. Then it shall be smeared with saffron and buried in front of the house chanting the hanumat mantra. This shall guard him from abhichAra, bhUtas, thieves, fire, poison, kings and disease.

-One shall make an image of one’s enemy in a crematorium at night from clay and write the foe’s name on the heart. He shall do a prANApratiShTha to it. Then chanting :
hauM hsphreM khphreM hsrauM hskhphreM hsauM hanumate namaH / dviShantaM bhrAtR^ivyaM* Chindhi bhindhi mAraya [* or enemy’s name] //
and pierce the image with a spike. Then one shall bite his upper lip and and with ones palms press down the image and go home. If he does this for 7 days, mArutI will kill his enemy.

-One shall repeat the mantra for 3 nights in a crematorium continuously and then a vetAla will come up to him. He can then capture the vetAla and make it carry out his behests.

Other mahAmantras of hanumAn are:
oM aiM shrIM hrAM hrIM hrUM hsphreM khphreM hsrauM hskhphreM hsauM //

namo bhagavate A~njaneyAya mahAbalAya svAhA //

oM yo yo hanumanta phalaphalita dhaga dhagita AyurAShaparudAha //

oM hrAM hrIM hrUM hraIM hrauM hraH oM //

om vajrakAya vajratuNDa kapila pi~Ngala Urdhvakesha mahAbala raktamukha taDijjihva mahAraudra daMShTrotkaTaka ha ha karAline mahAdR^iDha prahArin lankeshvara vadhAya mahAsetubandha mahAshaila pravAha gaganechara ehyehi bhagavan mahAbala parAkrama bhairava AGNYApaya ehyehimahAraudra dIrgha puchChena veShTaya vairiNAM bha~njaya bha~njaya hum phaT //

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