kShemendra on kalki

The great Kashmirian author in his text the dashAvatAracharitra which was written in 1066 AD describes the conditions that would prevail on the earth just before the coming of kalki.
“The Turushkas, Pathans, Daradas and dwellers of Shakastan will cause the earth to decay as do the leper his open oozing sores. Every direction overrun by the dreadful mlechChas, the earth will resound with the clash of swords drawn in combat and her soil will be soaked with blood.”

The manthAnabhairava tantra’s colophon has a statement that in the rakSha rAvaNa incarnated to the west of the sindhu with the ripening of the kali yuga . His presence shall initiate the barbarous tyranny of the mlechChas who will spread havoc and bloodshed throughout the world.

Thus, the kAlachakra tantra and the Hindu depictions are quite parallel and definitely inspired by the dreaded advent of Islam [a problem that continues to seize the world].

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