The wicks of bhairavAnanda

Having worshipped krodhabhairava and offered his arghya to shikhAshekhara, bhairavAnanda obtained the four wicks of atyendrajAla. These wicks he handed over to the 4 seekers of wealth. This tale is all only too well known to all our compatriots.

Now there is another one. somAkhya had visited the 3: ishAnashiva, vimalashambhu and ugratANDavadeva. They gave somAkhya the wick of jha~NkArabhairava. somAkhya carrying that wick wandered widely for many years on the hills such as hanumat parvata, pAShaNDa parvata, durgA parvata, umA parvata and vetAla parvata. During these wanderings the only voice he heard was that of a talking goose. Finally after descending from the parvatas and suffering intensely in his travels he was walking along the plains of vimAnasthala when his wick suddenly dropped. somAkhya vigorously dug at the spot and obtained a load of copper. Carrying this copper with difficutly he placed at a shed in his dwelling. Then he visited vimalashambhu and asked what he may do with the copper. vimalashambhu answered: Perform yoga, you may be able make use of the copper.

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