The journey to Kashi

Since the Atman, which merely watches, is poised to cast away its sharIra and the old corpses shall lie on the path of no return, as though marked by the dance of sharva, we shall narrate those old events that we shall probably never get to talk of, once we walk ahead on the path. The tale of the yogi prince of Shri Lanka who was offered putrid food by the Dakini in the house of pleasure in bhArata came to our mind. Also the dyadic fate of yayAti presented itself. After the enjoyment of pleasures on earth and svarga one may fall head long from the lokas, as the purANas talk of the meteoric crash of an individual who has exhausted his puNya.

The year before the Great Transition our ruffianly band decided to journey via a torturous path to the city of kAlabhairava, where the fierce emanation of rudra finally stopped after having slain vishvaksena and drunk the blood of the great Triple-strider. On that journey were the following individuals many of whom are receding from the recesses of our ken : 1) The boisterous mithilan (M). He was one who knew the intricacies of NIA languages that could save us in the hostile belt of the degenerate Aryavarta. Though an year younger was the leader of the grAma. 2) There was the mean kabandhamukha (K). An intelligent and learned soul but given to malicious comments. 3) saMjaya, a cultured soul, especially given his roots in the acrid bogs of the land. 4) There was also vaishya jyotisha, whose company we enjoyed under clear skies. 5) There was ST who was then pleasing to the eyes, ears and mouth. 6) There was R, the nityAshrI of the kalashajas. 7) There Igul, the cow amongst the descendents of bhAlandana.

When we arrived in the city of the awful bhairava, K was struck by the very darts of mahAkAla via the food. We thought he might attain mokSha rather soon on the banks of the holy jAhnAvI. But he somehow survived only to form an alliance against me with my dviShantaM bhrAtR^ivya. Due to the enterprise of M we translocated to a remarkably desolate spot in the Doab some distance away from Varanasipura. We were the only humans there for few kilometeres it appeared- a surprising thing for the most densely populated part of the world.

There under the sky dome we saw the stars and I picked the thousands of stars of omega Centauri with my occular. We feasted on ST’s cullinary endeavors. Many years later, lacking food, we transcended hunger to see the same sights on the great lake of mlechChapura.

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