The praise of varAha mUrtI

daMShTrAyAM vasudhA sashaila-nagarAraNyApagA huMkR^itau vAgIshI shasite.anilo ravi vidhU bAhvoshcha dakShAnyayoH /
The earth with its mountains, cities, forests and waterbodies are in his tusks, his grunts are sarasvatI (vAgIshI). The air is his breath and the sun and moon are his right and left hands.

kukShau syurvasavo dishaH shrutipathe dasrau dR^ishoH pAdayoH padmottho hR^idaye hariH pR^ithagamI pujyA mukhe sha~NkaraH //
His belly is [made of] the vasus, in his ear are the directions, the ashvins are his eyes, in his feet is the lotus born [brahma], in his heart is viShNu and in his mouth is shiva.

This image is encountered on occasions in Hindu iconography with the gods constituting the body of the boar. A famous example is the Khajuraho varAha.

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