navagupta’s abhichAra

sha~Nkara bhagavatpAda had defeated the famous tantric navagupta of the pITha of kAmarUpa in a debate. navagupta unable to come to terms with his defeat invoked chAmuNDA with oblations of twigs dipped in menstrual blood and the sUtaka fluid. And thus he laid a spell on sha~Nkara. The unerring abhichAra of the great goddess had its effect on the Acharya and he was afflicted by a terrible sore in his ass. As a result of this he was wasting away much to the dismay of his students. When pressed by them he revealed that it was a result of navagupta’s incantations. His student padmapAda quickly got into action and invoked the most deadly spell of nR^isiMha in the form known as the aShTamukha gaNDabheruNDa ugranR^isiMha. As result the spell of navagupta was back-hurled and it possessed him and killed him. The accounts state that the AchArya had to worship kumAra at kumAra parvata to rid himself of the disease. It here that he composed the famous poem to the god in the bhuja~Nga meter.

//oM kShauM//
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