skanda vara

The boons offered by the deity kumAra are of great certainty, but they be extremely perplexing and their good result may only be seen after some ironic hardship undergone by the recepient. Hence is he known as the roguish dhUrta, who composed the taskara vidyA by manifesting as kanakahastin and bhAskaranandin. But even the paths to the attainment of chaurya perfection were not straight. amba wanted to slay bhIShma for which she received a garland from kumAra but none ever wore it. So she had to wait till as shikhaNDin she could wear it herself and slay the kuru warrior. Likewise, kAtyAyana could not receive the kaumAra grammar till he found the boy who learned things on hearing only once.

Thus, when we stood over the wastes of khANDavaprasta which was offered to us by the 6-headed one we were engulfed by perplexity. We were catching our head in dismay, when our interlocutor was laughing at our jokes thinking that life itself was a big joke. We wondered what had befallen us. Was this khANDava supposed to be a boon or a curse? When we had survived the fall of the blade that could have lopped our head off we realized that we had been favored by the peacock-rider. When we moved towards victory in that great strife of himaprArambha we though we had been favored. But what does this khANDava have for us we wonder?

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