The muni

The muni had faced tremendous problems, even as we were tied up in the famous battle by the Brazos river. When we were struck by the terrible evils, we miraculously retreated via Galveston as a refugee in the house of a brahmin. There we stayed for many months on alms and through a stroke of chANakyan cunning got past the mlechCha vighnakartas to our freedom. However, the muni was alone then and faced the worst of his foes. We were unable to save him with our mantras. Then, when we returned to inspect the declining nandavana we saw the muni still under the eclipse. The muni had grown wiser, but all his mantras had deserted him. He was then a vrAtya moving around in a directionless manner. He was only saved due to the grace of our most hallowed goddess kaumAri, and he having lived like the siMhala prince in the karnATa country found his way to the land of the kurus. He warned us many times by sending the jAnashruteya birds.

When in the heart of the karnATa country, he saw 3 tantrics. One was the taciturn samayin, the other the great one and 3rd was the chera magician. He defeated all 3 of them in the defense of sAMkhya and vaisheShika and demolished the fallacious applications of advaita. But while roving it their company on the parvatas of skanda and others he failed to send the jAnashruteya bird our way. But he correctly warned us about the cell phone, the copper and aluminum on the mountain and tendencies of Springwoman. We were however drawn by the whirlpool of fate towards …

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