khANDavaprastha nirIkShaNaM

The critical time for khANDavaprastha had come. We were seeing signs of revolt. We deployed the dual saMGNYAnaM and kAmaM. We heavily rely on that. It had temporarily veiled the other party. But the true effects we will have to wait and see. We also need to spend a few days doing tarpaNaM to strI on laukIka matters (I wonder why women are so exaggerated in their mundane laukIka interests). Like the wandering yogI needing to please the gR^ihastrI or more precisely agastya maitrAvaruNi needing to pacify lopAmudra vaidharbhi. The grand dance and drama had to be arranged to be played out by the nATI who never learned nATya. To add to this enchanting Hayasthanika came with her “grandmother” asking for help on “hahahaDakShaDa”. On other occasions I would easily been smothered by her great charm and done anything for her but with a more important strI on the line Hayasthanika was asked to attend to her own business.

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