We have seen many things in life. But never have we seen something hit us as overwhelming as this. There was revolt in khANDavaprastha. It looked as though kumbhakarNa was standing there on the field and marching steadily towards us. What ever astra we hurled at kumbhakarNa simply broke to pieces and fell down. But kumbhakarNa, unaffected moved on. It was terrifying to stand there and watch all our weapons crumble like that as behemoth advanced towards us. Like arjuna saw the kaurava warriors rushing head long into mouth of the all consuming viShNu we saw everything we sent move into the mouth of kAla. We felt in real life those fears we only had experienced in our dreams- those dreams in which you go to the exam hall and miss the whole damn thing there- or the nightmare from which you get up in a shock… Never did we realize the stark fate of the muni’s words- our divya dR^iShTi now acted like that of dR^itarAShTra’s in that moment when he saw the awful vishvarUpa. We asked had we navigated the ocean this far with all the power of our mantras only to be sent against this whirlpool. Will we be alive at the other end of it? It was in such a situation with our bow broken and for the first time all our astras blow away we humbly sought the refuge of the hallowed feet of our great god shaNmukha.

Oh kumAra, the son the blazing agni, your mantra had saved us in the past.
Oh son of the fierce rudra, when the deva senA was as rudderless us as us,
you alone led it victory, Oh lover of devasena.
When death was besieging the yAgnIki brahmin, as the troubles are surrounding me,
you alone O ajArUDha brought the impossible act to fruition.
I need the same O lord of the 6 stars, for after all you are subrahmaNya.
From the in deepest trouble you uplifted even the ones who were supposed to be beyond trouble- O lover of the daughter of mR^ityu, why is it that this fear does not go away.
I humbly seek you aid, with indra and varuNa along with you. The gaNas of rudra and the vinAyakas may they all be favorably disposed. My your many mAtR^ikas favor me. may the triple-strider favor me.

I know not to compose in Chandas, I know not compose in high-flown poetry but I have always felt romaharshaNa at the very mention of your kathas. O kumAra bear me aid as I worship that siddhamantra of yours- I am tied in this viShaMaparistithi like shunaHshepa of my clan at the stake . Like varuNa save me.
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