The wheel on Jx’s head

The last wick of bhairavAnanda does not fall before one goes under the wheel. We saw Jx with the wheel spinning on his head. We asked him- hey Jx how did you get that wheel on your head. And lo behold, the wheel flew off his head and crashed on to mine.

It was like Holmes and Moriarty locked in that final encounter on the cliff in Switzerland. One of them had to die– which one of them will it be or may be both ?

The hirsute M won an amazing battle. It exactly like that of Jx. Still his fate was sealed. There was no escape at the other end of the tunnel. We only won khANDavaprastha, yet our fate was looking pretty damn grim.

It looked as though the kR^ityA had hit her target — She was uprooting everything in its path. One after the other our kavachas were failing. We cannot even inform the muni of our fate !! We have been thus blocked by the kR^ityA.

Definitely we had hit the nadir of our existence– or was there worse — we were just amazed at the noose of fate– it drags you without you being able to do anything right into naraka.

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