The secret of sumukhI

The great deva sanatkumAra, the son of the fiery agni, is always in the company of his two wives: the glorious biDAlAkShi and the wonderous sumukhI. The one who knows this rahasya and performs the invocation of sumukhI along with the great dhUrtasvamI will be favored by them. That glorious goddess sumukhI also called the great mahAmayUrI, engaged in amorous dalliance with the dhUrta, is described as sulabhAgati. In the midst of her yantra, the mate of kArttikeya is meditated as residing and invoked with the mighty mantra (in mantra shAstra code):
karNa ; sanayana dyuti; jarAsana svetesha ; lakShmI ; dirgha nandi ; sadR^ik kriya ; samAdhava meSha ; karNo bhR^igu ; sendhikA tandrI ; khidevi ma <svayamarupa> ; dIrgha viyat ; pishAchinI <svayamarupa> ; himAdrijA ; sarginandajatritayaM.

Thus is the 22 syllabled mantra given in code that can be deconvoluted by those who know.

Her yantra is a pentagon inscribed in circle with 8 petals on its circumference. Within another circle with 16 petals on its circumference enclosed by another circle. All enclosed within a bhUpura square.

Her five beautiful inner shaktis associated with the corners of the pentagon:
chandra, chandrAnana, chArumukhi, chamIkara-prabhA and chaturA.
The 8 mAtR^ikas are associated with the 8 petals.
Her 16 nityAs associated with the 16 petals. They are:
kalA, kalAnidhi, kAlI, kamalA, kriyA, kR^ipA, kulA, kulInA, kalyAnI, kumArI, kalAbhAShiM, karAlA, kishorI, komalA, kulabhUShaNA and kalpadA.

Her solo iconography is thus provided:
The beautiful sumukhI has necklace of gu~nja beads resting on her full breasts. She is in the prime of her youth with a joyous and mirthful face. She is holding a clean human skull in her left hand and a fine bladed sword in her right hand. She is bedecked with red gems, red garments and is with smeared red unguents. All these increase the lustre of her body which emanates a red radiance. She is comfortably seated on a corpse with a severed head.

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