Formal definition of the shrichakra

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The glorious yantra of shri lalitA-tripurasundarI can be defined formally by the following parameters (given for a unit shrichakra):
YF=.668; XF=.126; YP=.463; XA= 0.187; YJ=.398; YL=.165; YA=.265; YG=.769; YV=.887; YM=.603; YD=.551 (where X, Y are the coordinates with the point A, F, J G etc with the origin at the intersection of the largest yoni triangle and the bounding circle)
These define the exact shrichakra as laid down by kaivalyAshrama.

The layers of the shrichakra are from outside in are:
1) trailokya-mohana chakra
2) sarvAshAparipuraka chakra
3) sarva sha~NkShobhana chakra
4) sarva-saubhAgyadAyaka chakra
5) sarvartha-sAdhaka chakra
6) sarvarakashAkAra chakra
7) sarva rogahara chakra
8) sarva siddhIprada chakra
9) sarva Anandamaya chakra

The chakra is navAtmA in two senses: 1) it is a sum of 9 layers. 2) it is a combination of 9= 4 li~Nga and 5 yoni triangles.

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