In the sea of thought

We spent a lot of time in mirth with the whole assembly. The nice weather before the return of vR^itra gave a brief respite. We enjoyed it all- a good night of astronomy, a whole day of lolling around in the spring sunshine, talking about all and sundry. We lived in the present the worries of the past and the future, the dIrgha-jihvIs and their ilk were all forgotten as though they never were- as though erased by the intoxication of the mAdvIpAnas. We saw the laukIka revellers and realized what had been termed by mAnasikA as the “inversion”. We then returned to the station by the shmashAna and wound our way back to our cave meditating on the slayer of hiraNyakashipu.
The revolt of khANDava continued unabated. But we realized that the destroyer of prahlAda, the demolisher of forts, the one with variegated bow had remained on our side during the difficult conquest of khANDava. As we studied the post-mortem intelligence reports on the assault we saw how close we had been to defeat and we were happy to see that the intricate defense plans had after all been successful in pulling off the victory. However, now we face and even more complicated situation that is probably going to be the real bang with no holds bared.

The new vyuha rachana: Front sharIrasya oShadhiH: All covers blown. It may be a direct fight in the open, but this front has at this point diminished in importance because the enemy was partly delude by the mAya of viShNu.
Front kosha: It is no more about kosha and hima in the near future. It is all about daNDayuddha with the daNDAyudha.
Front dagda ratha: The unknown future- victory on this front is hampered by the problem called andhaka which is only worsening.

But the new encounter will have many new bigger parameters

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