On the pishAchis, rAkShasis, apasarAs and the vajrayoginI

We had in our long wanderings encountered many a pishAchi, rAkSasi and apsarA. What we were fated to have we knew not. We were locked in the embrace of the the vajrayoginI. We sunk into the ultimate intoxication of her ApInavakshAbyaH and gazed at her urUbhyaH with our third eye which was open in midst of the kR^iShNa rAtrI, even as mahAkAla danced the tANDava on our shikhA. She split herself into three forms and provided us pleasure in the midst of the kAlarAtrI and the yuddhachakra. We now hold on to her before the uncovering of the pishAchi’s face hoping that she might possess the nagara-pishAchi herself.

oM vetalajananyai namaH

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