madanotsava and military movements

The madanotsava was observed today. kAmadeva was duely worshipped with the appropriate rites. May manmatha be favorable to us.
We faced an unexpected attack from the dasyus. We were initially put off but we realized that we would need a combination of rakShohA agni and the dhUrta patha again. May the dhUrta come to our aid and disperse the dasyus.

kR^iNuShva pAjaH prasitiM na pR^ithvIM yAhi rAjevAmavAM ibhena |
tR^iShvIm anu prasitiM drUNAno .astAsi vidhya rakShasas tapiShThaiH ||

Forcefully casting your widespreading net, like a king impetously setting forth on his elephant,
swiftly hurling your net, shooting your missiles, pierce the rakShas with your intensely hot flames.

tava bhramAsa AshuyA patanty anu spR^isha dhR^iShatA shoshuchAnaH |
tapUMShy agne juhvA pataMgAn asaMdito vi sR^ija viShvag ulkAH ||

Proceed rapidly flying, whirling your [weapons], follow them closely, and attack blazing in fury.
Spread with thy tongue the flying flames, O agni; unstoppable, hurl forth firebrands [like meteors] all around thee.

prati spasho vi sR^ija tUrNitamo bhavA pAyur visho asyA adabdhaH |
yo no dUre aghashaMso yo anty agne mAkiSh Te vyathir A dadharShIt ||

Dispath your spies forward, the fast moving one, being undeceived, the guardian of this people [the Aryas]. From him who, near or far, is bent on evil, O agni let no trouble sent over overcome us.

ud agne tiShTha praty A tanuShva ny amitrAM oShatAt tigmahete |
yo no arAtiM samidhAna chakre nIchA taM dhakShy atasaM na shuShkam ||

Rise, O agni, blaze before us, one with sharp missiles, burn down our foes. Oh agitator of fuel, the one who has seeked harm us, smash down that one with your arrows, utterly [burning that evil-doer] like dry hay.

Urdhvo bhava prati vidhyAdhy asmad AviSh kR^iNuShva daivyAny agne |
ava sthirA tanuhi yAtujUnAM jAmim ajAmim pra mR^iNIhi shatrUn ||

Rise up O agni, hit back against those who fight against us, putting forth your celestial might.
Slacken the firm bows of the inciters of yAtus, destroy our foemen whether from our people or foreigners.
Oh agni, as our ancestors, bhR^igu did, chyavAna did, kavi did, ushaNA kAvya did, apnavAna did, aurva did, syUmarashmI did, nema did, R^ichIka did, jamadagni did, somAhUtI did, rAma did, iTant did, hiraNyadAn vaida did, as vAjaratna did, as somashushma did, ariShTashena did, prAchInayoga did, we invoke you. With indra and viShNu utterly destroy the dasyus stalking us, who Aryas and your sacrificers.

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