The AmnAyas of the chi~nchinI-mata-sAra-sammuchaya

We worship chi~nchinI under the large tamrind tree from whom the sea of spanda has emerged.

There are 4 AmnAyas:
pUrvAmnAya: The mukhya shaktI, the great goddess of this AmnAya is kuleshvarI who manifests as tribhuvaneshvarI along with paramAndabhairava. From this face emerged the trika tantras with khagendranAtha as the first of the kaula adept in this lineage. It was temporarily destroyed by kArttikeya.

dakShinAmnAya: The great goddess of this stream is kAmeshvarI- she is pleasing to the eye as the young sun, yet brilliant as hundred million flashes of lightning that strike the consciousness of the adept as the rahasyas of her mantras are realized. She is full of kAma and manifests as kulayoginI with a slim waist and is conjoined with kaulesha. The 16 nityAs surround her. kumAra born of her coitus with kaulesha taught this divine vidyA to krodhamuni of the atri clan. The shrI kula tantras emerged from this AmnAya.

uttarAmnAya: The great goddess of this AmnAyA is kAleshvarI. She emerges as the sun- the bhAnavIkaulinI, which shines in the center of the sacrificial hearth of the great suvar loka of the mahAsamudra of shiva. The great mantra consisting of 64 bhairava yonis arises and dissolves in the spanda of this ocean. This vidyA as it unfolds takes the siddha through the incomparable bliss of experiencing the 12-fold dawning of the kAlis on the “Sky of Consciousness”- this is the parollAsa. This was first seen by krodharAja, the irrascible atri and through the lineage of female teachers went down to the hoary tantric niShkriyAnanda. The tantras of kAli kula emerge from this face.

pashchimAmnAya: The great goddess of this stream is vakreshvarI. She resides contracted and coiled as kuNDalinI. She is seen with her mate mahAbhairava or kubjeshvara. From her seat in the mahAyonI she procedes to through the three vertices of the triangle that contain pUrNagiri, jAlandhara and kAmarUpa and finally arrives at the oDiyAnapITha at the center. Here she resides in union with the li~Nga whose nature is bliss and whose bindu is the “Sky of consciousness”. From this face emerges the ci~nchinIshAstra or the kubjikA tantras that was first received by the ancient tantric vR^ikShanAtha under the tamarind tree from the founding teacher shrinAtha.

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