The heart of vArAhI

sAmantadeva had entered the shrine of the 64 yoginIs, the yoginI at vajrapura in kali~nga. He stood in the center worshiping nityaklinnA. He saw an apparition of the great goddess who instructed him to seek daNDanAthA. Go north she said. sAmantadeva crossed the pITha of shAradA and moved beyond to the heart of oDDiyAna. There in the middle of the most enchanting oDDiyAna, where the siddhi of yoga manisfests itself, the very thought of which causes one to proceed of the flight of the yoginI, sAmantadeva went on to create the kirichakra maNDAla with colored sand. At heart of the chakra, in the center of the triangle, was the bindu, which lay at the mid-point of the spanda and emanated the glauM bIja. This bindu is where the great sUkarAnanA, the beloved enchantress of urugAya, with curly locks and of deep blue complexion resides. Here sAmantadeva worshiped the great daNDanAyikA with the rahas-tarpaNas of wine. At the vertices of the triangle stand jR^iMbhinI, mohinI and stambhinI who are of the complexion of the fresh pomogranate flower and have little sharp tusks. They hold the musala, hala and nAgapAsha weapons and a pitcher of beer, and their elegant arms are decorated by ruby bangles. The ThaM bija emanates from them.

Beyond triangle in the pentad ring are invoked andhini, rundhini, jR^iMbhinI, mohinI and stambhinI. They are of flaming orange-yellow color and with boar-heads and tusks. They hold their bows and swords ready to strike. To them sAmantadeva offered the tarpaNaM of blood. Beyond the pentad ring lies the hexad ring were mAheshvarI, vaiShNavI, kaumArI, brAhmI, indrANI and the awful chAmuNDA are invoked. Beyond this lies the heptAd ring were the dhatunAthA goddess serve vArAhI. They are yAkinI, rAkini, lAkinI, vAkinI, shakinI, DAkinI and hAkinI. sAmantadeva invoked them in each of the chakras and the dhatus of the body and then merging together to form hAkinI filling his body with light. In half of the heptad ring the deities staMbhinI and kordhinI, who hold terrible weapons in their hands. They were offered blood tarpaNas. Then the weapons of vArAhI, the hala and the musala are offered their oblations. Then the awful gaNa of vArAhI, chaNDochaNDa, who has four arms and three eyes, holding a trishUla, a pretapAsha (the ghost noose), a sword is worshiped in front of the the maNDala. Then the octad ring is set up and the deities, vArtAlI, vArAhI, vArAhamukhI, andhini, rundhini, jR^iMbhinI, stambhinI and mohinI are invoked. sAmantadeva again propitiated them with the rahastarpaNa of wine.

Then the buffalo of potriNi is worshipped with a milk libation. Then the devatA chakra is worshipped starting with indra, then varuNa, mitra, viShNu and the other Adityas, rudra and the rudras, ashvins, vAyU, prajApatI, and bR^ihaspatI. Then the pishAchas, yakShas with vaikshravaNa at their head and the rakShas with naravAhana at their head are invoked. Then jR^iMbhinI, mohinI and stambhinI are again invoked in the outer triangle and then kShetrApAla is invoked with a vajra, nAgapAsha and Damaru in his hands and with 3 heads emitting meteoric flashes.

Then the lion of vArAhI is worshiped. The the 1000 shaktIs of the 1000 petalled lotus of the kirichakra are worshipped. They are all dark-blue in color with, boar-heads and sharp tusks and holding diverse weapons in their arms. They also hold the skull-cups filled with blood of their foes. They are invoked using the rahasya sahasranAmaM. Thereafter the antelope of daNDanAyikA is worshiped. Then the beer pitcher of potriNi is worshiped with libations of beer.

In the outer most circle of the kirichakra maNDala stand the eight bhairavas with tridents : hetuka,tripurAri, agni, yamajihva, ekapAda, kAla, karAla, bhImarUpa, hATakesha and
achala are invoked and made offerings.

Then sAmantadeva saw an apparition of vArtAli flying on the aerial tamolipta car and shooting the andhaka missile at the demons.

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