Preparing for the worst

As we remarked earlier we were taking the last step before the kAlaChidra. We have taken it and now hang like trisha~Nku in the median of descent.

We decided that shall boldly face the attack and die like Dattaji Shinde or emerge at the other end with what ever scars the battle gives us. Like yayAti we had fallen head long from svarga before. But now we did not know where our fall was taking us. We were leading a relatively easy life before, but now we were unexpectedly struck by the new missile. We were forced into a crisis before we realized what was happening. We had been specifically targeted at the weakest link in our armor. Our shachiva, amAtya and the learned muni were all overthrown. The muni was learned and knew everything through the jAnashruteya birds but just as we were unable to help him in his crisis he was also unable to do so due his own engagments with the three. Our amAtya and shachiva were too naieve for their posts and made many blunders and were pounded. We feared our shachiva may even neglect his current duties and compromise us futher- this was his nature. They have their own mantraic accomplishments which we have learned to respect despite its insufficiencies. We asked to take recourse to them in the last stand. But we were cornered precisely in weakest spots. Our friends who were always beside us in happy times had deserted us. We felt like Das and Dasgupta made to open on a Perth green top early on a dewy morning. We told ourself not to fear death and be prepared to face up for the worst of battles.

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