pAshupata vrata

Having had a major struggle with the forces of fate, and having been reduced to the condition of Jx in a certain sense, and having dropped the proverbial last wick of bhairavAnanda he was wandering around with the wheel spinning on his head. They wanted that most tasty fruit that grew atop the nR^i trees. But unfortunately for them they did not know how to nurture such trees. Hence they spoiled their sapling quite badly and there was no great success in getting the fruit. There was that talk between the urvan of the tree and varuNa much like talk between the urvan of the cow and Ahura Mazda. Hopefully varuNa answers the tree’s call. In the mean time as he wandered at the brink of the desert and the khANDava jungle. At this point he wondered what if anything may save him. He was asked to perform the pAshupata vrata. If pashupati wishes he may be saved the itinerant pAshupata told. Thus, he lapsed into the pAshupata yoga state.

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