The mAraNa strike

The dumAvatI agent has a very special means of attack. It tries to destroy all the supporting systems and armors, and then zeroes in on the victim. It pressed ahead with the attempt at mAraNa. We parleyed with the agent: it revealed a peculiar prayoga of the type only known to me previously in the bauddha context. The mAraNa was to indirectly achieved via a linkage to second person. This was similar to the fate of nagArjuna when he met his end. The agent it trying to achieve this linkage and finish us off. The kR^ityA hovers endless waiting to the first opportunity to make the lunge. We just fled away the first time the dart was hurled at us. The second dart now hit us but did not kill us due to the past mantra bala. Who knows when the next dart may come.

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