kR^ityA troubles

The kR^ityA made a couple of efforts at driving home the mAraNa and continues to hover around to strike again. Day after day the attacks continue without any respite and most critically they are aiming at cutting off our means of performing the appropriate mighty rites. Today like mArIcha and subAhu obstructing the rites of vishvAmitra the kR^ityA blocked some critical rites of ours. The kR^ityA faced the rebound of our rites and was grounded, but the senders had packed the ghaTotkacha module into the kR^ityA. How this works is that if the kR^ityA is destroyed it would take the destroyer down along with it as it is burned out.

Along with us many of our dependents might be destroyed — so we decided to warn them that they should look out for their lives in case we are destroyed. We did not warn them earlier out of the selfish reason that they may leave us and run away too soon, in case we did come out alive.

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