Our nAga shApa

It is said that when pANDus conquered khANDava from the nAgas they got the curse of the nAgas. For the sake of khANDava they lost most of their sons. In the next generation parIkShit lost his life due to the nAga and so on.

We had earlier alluded to the seizure of our khANDava in what seemed a successful campaign. A little did we know that we were headed to worst of the existential crises we had ever faced as result of our possession of khANDava. It looked as though our favors from the gods had run out now. The attack now extended on all fronts. Jx had said that cell phones were harmless devices, but we learned to our horror there were some which even came with bombs, leave alone cameras. Jx received a strike. The big eater received another but survived after some bad effects. The learned muni himself was struck but some how survived. Some of our dependents were struck badly and one of our great treasures were robbed. pretas issued forth from the floor. When Marc and R had visited Hayastanika they obtained the latter’s message for me. The Abrus seeds had fallen out of the window and now a deadly grove of plants grew there. We were never so bereft of energy and were at our wits end. We had then spoken of kumbhakarNa and the missiles failing at him. It was now as though we were in a kArAgR^iha of rAvaNa.

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