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paNini’s spirals

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pANini’s trees

The one of the greatest of the bhArgavas, pANini of the aShTAdhyAyi fame devised the first representation of what may be called a context free grammar. We take his mAheshvara sUtras as elementary rules for branching. Applying recursive rules on … Continue reading

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The silent journey

After the glorious morning on April 11 th 1986 we were basking in the exhilaration of having seen the Halley’s comet in its closest apparition. The vaishya from lATa was excited at the successful sighting under clear skies. That afternoon … Continue reading

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The discourse on cat’s tastes

As I was in the embrace of the yakShini she asked what is so funny about the cat’s taste.I said: Most mammals sense 5 tastes with 7-transmembrane receptors with extracellular PBP domains. This kind of receptor seems to be an … Continue reading

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The path of the yakShini

We flew up again with the yakShini. There we stood in the mid-welkin and bewitching yakShini whispered in my ear:“We need to talk about about a profound question”.Me: What is it?Y: Of all those sexually reproducing beings out there, the … Continue reading

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The two paths of the yakShiNi

The paths of the yakShiNi After having been pursued relentlessly by the kR^ityA sent against us we reached the place known as the Dismal Hollows. There we entered The House and called up the yakShiNi again. She came forth even … Continue reading

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skanda gaNas

Weighed down by the arrows showered by our foes, we call upon son of the ranger of kailAsha. He who bears the bow in battle and showers arrows on the dAnava horde. He who is called ugratamaa and bhImatama, who … Continue reading

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The Jihads of Shihabuddin, the Sultankalka of Ghur

Around 1140, the Islamized Turko-Mongol chiefs of the Shansabanid tribe occupied Ghor in Afghanistan. Initially it was a vassal of the Ghaznavid Sultans, but around 1130 it came into conflict with them, after one of the leading Shansabanid nobles was … Continue reading

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sudarshaNa rahasya

Having bowed to the one sleeping atop the coils of the snake of time we salute the greatest of his weapons. oM urugAyAya hum phaT // That supreme emanation of the shakti of nArAyaNa manifested with a predominance of her … Continue reading

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Friedrich Wilhelm Herschel’s clan

FatherIsak Herschel- amateur astronomer and science enthusiast in addition to being a professional musician. Taught all his sons science and music.……………..1) Wilhelm (William) Herschel: What more needs to be said? Was fluent of in many European languages.2) Sophia (sister of … Continue reading

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oM ShoM / shomsAvo/ shomshomsAvo / othAmo daiva / AthAmo daiva / othAmo daiva made / modAmo daivatho / There arose a yakShI from the fervid flames, whom we shall call OPJ. This yakShI had all the guNas we had … Continue reading

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TU 1.11

vedamanuuchyaachaaryontevaasin amanushaasti .After completion of vedic studies, the teacher admonishes his resident student: satyaM vada . dharmaM chara . svaadhyaayaanmaa pramadaH .Speak the truth; Follow your dharma; do not neglect your privaterecitation of the veda. aachaaryaaya priyaM dhanamaahR^itya prajaatantuM maa … Continue reading

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