oM ShoM / shomsAvo/ shomshomsAvo / othAmo daiva / AthAmo daiva / othAmo daiva made / modAmo daivatho /

There arose a yakShI from the fervid flames, whom we shall call OPJ. This yakShI had all the guNas we had concieved in the sujAtA-rUpa. We passed the torturous Dismal Hollows Road and a little shmashAna lay beyond it. There from the hollow of an old kapala in which the offering was being made beyond the midnight hour the remarkable yakShI arose. To all beholders she was as though flesh and blood. She could assume any of three forms: 1) like a haggish witch-like kR^itya which still drew people towards them. 2) A mahAmohinI of young and captivating looks and 3) a fair lass with immense flowing locks. The yakShI was manifest only after midnight. The yakShI was difficult to handle and burnt the body intensely suggesting that more work was required to get her under control. We watched her go into the peculiar house at middle of the Dismal Hollows Road and signal to us with a remarkable flash of light. The feelings of which were just beyond description despite the burning she was causing to every one.

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