sudarshaNa rahasya

Having bowed to the one sleeping atop the coils of the snake of time we salute the greatest of his weapons.
oM urugAyAya hum phaT //

That supreme emanation of the shakti of nArAyaNa manifested with a predominance of her tejas, is as bright as many millions of suns, moons and fires in profusion. It pervades the tryambaka vidya of the 7th maNDala of the R^igveda. It is described as the supreme udyama, foremost prANa and all weapons and shaktis of the hordes of viShNu and vishvaksena arise from it. Of nArAyaNa modes of activity based on his five functions this is the most effective. No single act conducted by the supreme viShNu can performed with its aid. This is the sudarshaNa disc. The emanation of sudarshaNa starts functioning at the moment of the origin of the universe and lakShmi adheres to her chakra-rUpa even as nArAyaNa sustains and absorbs creation.

It is the kriyAshaktI of viShNu and is identical with agni who pervades all existence. The secret of the mantra shAstra pertaining to the mantras of shrI and nArAyaNa arise arise from the sudarshaNa manifesting as the matrika chakra. The first mantras to emerge are tArikA and taraka, the pair belonging to viShNu in the axle of the wheel. The 16 svara syllables, possessing the form of the light of soma and sUrya occupy the hub of the wheel. The 24 letters from ka to bha and those from ma to ha occupy the spokes reaching the inner circumference. The vargAnta which is identified with agni appears as a piNDa and expands to the periphery of the chakra. This is the essence of the secret matrika nyAsa of viShNu.

Taking the first letter of soma, one should join on the letter coded as prANa at its end. Then the letter called amR^ita is added after it and it is conjoined to the kAlapAvaka letter there after. After it comes the blazing anala. It is then followed by the conjoining of the mAyA of viShNu and the vyApin, which is the third stride of trivikrama. This is the highest vidyA of sudarshaNa and is the kriyAshaktI of shrI. The kalapAvaka syllable at the end is the destroyer of foes. For sudarshaNa is awful he must be pacified by the syllables of tArikA and anutArikA that emerge from lakShmI after invoking him. The core of this without the mAyA and the vyApin is the piNDa form of sudarshaNa.

From it emanates saMJNa mantra of the great chakra by the interspersion of vyapin-s at the end of each element of the piNDa rupa. The syllable of varman is inserted there after and after that comes the syllable of the astra. This syllable is the saMkarShaNa who destroys the universe at the end of the kalpa with the explosive noise.

Then when the piNDa of sudarshaNa is combined with the kavacha syllable and the missile hurled by the wrathful saMkarShaNa and the mantra is set 3 groups of letters we get that great rahasya mantra of sudarshaNa. This cycle has neither name nor form. It shines with the splendour of the six attributes. This great mantra is the embodiment of the kriyAshaktI of vaiShNavI consisting of the six syllables supported by the chakra held by the supreme essence of the atharva veda known as narAyaNI pratya~NgirA. The lA~ngalAstra of vArAhI with which she hammers the daityas emanates from it.

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